Sundial Artwork

Here are some close-up photos of the sundials showing the artwork. I first carve by hand the designs into the stone using all sorts of different shaped high speed diamond burrs and/or chisels. Then I paint the engraved portions with the same durable paint that's used on stone headstones. Sometimes I'll use gold leaf. I cut, engrave and inlay brass decorations into a cavity cut into the stone so that the brass lies flush with the surface of the stone. The original artwork designs were either made by me or were sent to me from clients. Sometimes they send me photographs of something they want on their sundials. Other times they send me drawings. Or they can pick artwork from this catalog of my stock artwork that I made for them to choose from.

♦ See Sundial Artwork Catalog (PDF) Here.

Click on any photo to see a high definition enlargement (1080 pixels).

Blue Heron

Great Seal of the USA

Cala Lily (1)

Cala Lily (2)

Shadow the Dog

Beauvoir Logo

Chapel Hill Logo

Man in the Maze (1)

Man in the Maze (2)

Paths of Life

Tohono Chul Logo

Navajo Sand Painting (1)

Navajo Sand Painting (2)



Bumble Bee

20-dollar Gold Piece



Pigmy Owl (1)

Pigmy Owl (2)


Creation (1)

Creation (2)

Hand of God

Oak Tree (1)

Oak Tree (2)


Catalina Mountains (1)

Catalina Mountains (2)


Moon Face

Equation of Time

Time Balls & Numerals

Time Ball & Numeral

Time Ribbon End

Compass Rosette (1)

Compass Rosette (2)

Compass Rosette (3)

Brass Teardrop Weight

Gnomon Base (1)

Gnomon Base (2)

Gnomon Base (3)

Map Mosaic (1)

Map Mosaic (2)


Stained Glass Sunface


Zia Sun Gnomon

Moon Face Gnomon

Sun Face Gnomon

Sundial Inscriptions

Public Park Logo

School Anniversary Logo

Porcelain Sunface

Water Scene (1)

Water Scene (2)

Glass Dragonfy

Frog Gnomon

School Logo