Photos of Some of My Sundials

This is a sampling of some of my hand-made sundials. Unlike most common garden sundials sold today, all of my sundials keep accurate time because each one is custom-designed specifically for its location. Some even tell the date and have other useful scientific functions. Most have customized artwork and inscriptions as well. The ones for pedestals are larger than most common garden sundials that you see for sale.

♦ See Sundial Shape Options (PDF) Here.

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Stone Horizontal Sundials with Thick Stone Gnomons for Pedestals

These are the most popular of all the sundials I make. I use various types of dense sandstone called flagstone here in Arizona. The standard size is 26 inches, but many are larger than this, and they are available in many shapes. They are more child and vandal resistant than the cable gnomon dials below, but there is less room for artwork. I recommend these for public settings or where there are small children.

Blue Heron Sundial

Seacacus Sundial

Cala Lily Sundial

Chapel Hill Sundial

Dog Sundial

Great Seal Sundial

School Anniversary Sundial

Zia Sundial

Beauvoir Sundial

Oak Tree Sundial

Public Park Sundial

Octagon Sundial (1)

Octagon Sundial (2)

Rectangular Sundial.

Centennial Sundial

Centennial Sundial (2)

Man in the Maze Sundial

Stone Horizontal Sundials with Cable Gnomons for Pedestals

In 1997 I received a copyright for the gnomon – the shadow casting piece of my horizontal sundials. It is unique in that it is a thin stranded brass cable held taut by a heavy, beautiful counterweight. Unlike traditional solid gnomons, cable gnomons don't obstruct the view of the sundial face, allowing more room for engraved artwork, and making the sundials easier to read from any direction. Some even tell the date or have other useful scientific functions. There is more space for artwork on these than on the thick stone gnomon dials, but they are more susceptible to damage by small children. I do not recommend these for public places unless they are protected by a fence.

Pigmy Owl Sundial

Quail Sundial

Roadrunner Sundial

Scientific Sundial

Sundial by Pool

Sunface Sundial (1)

Sunface Sundial (2)

Boulder-Flatirons Sundial

Brass Eagle Sundial

Bumblebee Sundial

Butterfly Sundial

Catalina Mnts. Sundial

Condor Sundial

Creation Sundial

Equation of Time Sundial

Indian Art Sundial

Mountain Maze Sundial

Neonotology Sundial

Paths of Life Sundial (1)

Paths of Life Sundial (2)

Navajo Painting Sundial

Bullhead City Sundial

Tohono Chul Sundial

Rectangular Heliochronometer

Round Heliochronometer

Stone Analemmatic Sundials for Pedestals

These are uncommon but beautiful interactive dials that are for horizontal placement on a pedestal. To use them, you must move the vertical brass gnomon like a chess piece, placing it on the current date. Besides telling the correct time, they also tell the times and directions of sunrise and sunset. The standard size is 32 inches wide. I do not recommend these for public places.

Picture Rock Analemmatic Sundial

Beige Rock Analemmatic Sundial

Equation of Time Analemmatic Sundial

Orange Rock Analemmatic Sundial

Analemmatic Sundial on Pedestal

Stone Polar Sundials for Pedestals

These are also uncommon, but they since their faces are angled, they can be read from a distance. Also, since they have two time scales, it is easy to make them show both Standard Time and Daylight Saving Time. The gnomon can be a metal rod or a metal sheet or even solid thick stone. I can also make them to tell the date. Their solid construction makes them good for public locations.

Polar Sundial

Painted Sundials for Panels, Tiles, and Walls

These have several advantages over traditional horizontal garden sundials on pedestals. Unlike common metal or stone sundials, they can be colorful and can be the least expensive and easiest to construct, and they can be more practical and useful because they are vertical and can be seen from a distance – like a wall clock. Since they're usually high up on a wall, they are more vandal-resistant and may avoid being shaded by nearby trees or buildings so they function for more time during the day. They are common in Europe but are rare here in The United States. Painted wall sundials are fantastic for public locations! All you need is a design, painting supplies, a gnomon and a painter. Simple versions are the poor man's sundial. I can make the design for you, but unless you live in Tucson, you will need to find someone else to paint it. I will paint wall sundials in Tucson.

To see similar dials from around the world visit my educational non-profit website: Painted Wall Sundials. To find out more about the first one I painted in Tucson, see this webpage: My Painted Wall Sundial.

Painted Panel Sundial

Painted Wall Sundial

Ceramic Wall Sundial

Porcelain on Steel Sundials

These are the most durable of all painted sundials since the paint is made from colored porcelain ceramic baked at high temperature onto steel plates. These will last hundreds of years outdoors without the colors fading. Photographs can even be applied in porcelain. This technology is used often for signage at our National Parks. I contract out the porcelain work to experts who do this.

Cupola Sundials

Wall Sconce Sundial

Porcelain Horizontal Sundial (1)

Porcelain Horizontal Sundial (2)

Porcelain Wall Sundial (1)

Porcelain Wall Sundial (2)

Porcelain Wall Sundial (2b)

Porcelain Wall Sundial (3)

Porcelain Wall Sundial (4)

Porcelain Wall Sundial (5)

Porcelain Wall Sundial (6)

Stained Glass Sundials for Windows or Table Tops

Stained Glass Sundials are perhaps the loveliest and rarest of all sundials. I adore them! Most are meant to be read from INSIDE a room. Imagine that – an indoor sundial! But I also make table-top versions for placing on a desk, table or window sill.

To see more of these wonderful sundials, visit my educational non-profit website about Stained Glass Sundials and my Flickr Photo Set.

Large Window Sundial

Small Window Sundial

Horizontal Sundial Design

Artistic Sundial

Table-Top Sundial

Monumental Sundials for Public Settings

These are large public sundials, commonly called monumental sundials. I designed all of them, but most were built by others using my designs. Architects and public planners love these because unlike typical public art, monumental sundials actually have a useful practical function – they tell the time. And some even tell the date or important anniversaries. Every city should have one. But they are rare. The world needs more of these!

To see and read about two of my favorite monumental sundials, see The Chinook Trail Sundial and Earth & Sky Equatorial Sundial

Obelisk Sundial

Sahuarita Sundial

Solar Telescope Sundial

Granite Equatorial Sundial

Time Tower Sundial

Living Plant Sundial (1)

Living Plant Sundial (2)

Cast Bronze Sundial

Granite Horizontal Sundial

Ring Sundial

Sundial Workshop and Construction Photos

These show some of my sundials under construction, my studio and workshop. To see additional sundial construction photos see my Flickr Photo Set.

Raw Stone

Cutting Stone

Stone Blank

Chiseling Stone

Carving Stone (1)

Carving Stone (2)

Carving Stone (3)

Edge Inscription

Applying Goldleaf

Painting Sundial

Painting Artwork

Engraving Brass

Inlaying Brass Star.

Inlaying Time Balls

Dial Construction

Crating Sundial

Painting Wall Dial

Painting Glass (1)

Painting Glass (2)

Painting Glass (3)

Joining Glass

Fluxing Glass

Soldering Glass

Cementing Glass

Assembling Glass

Finished Glass Panel

Installing Glass


Porcelain Dial

Installing Cupola (1)

Installing Cupola (2)

Installing Granite Sundial (1)

Installing Granite Sundial (2)

Installing Granite Sundial (3)

Shadow Experiment

Installing Obelisk

Construction Helper

Pouring Cement

Finding North

Installing Monumental Sundial

Testing Model

Installing Wall Sundial

Cementing Glass (2)